We can consult with  you to provide a full process or a part process which is tailored to your needs.

Job Description Building

Sometimes working out how best to build a position description can be difficult. It is a helpful tool to provide candidates at the beginning of the recruitment process so they can ascertain if they are a good fit and really sell the company and the role in a more detailed manner than a standard advert.

We can ask questions to gather information, design and structure a formal position description that will be presentable to sell the position to potential candidates so that you can make the recruitment excersize as efficient as possible saving time and progressing with better quality candidates who’s values align with the company culture and role expectation to progress to interview.

Advert Writing

We have considerable experience writing adverts for a vast variety of job vacancies and have a good grasp on the best mediums on which to advertise, when to advertise, how to tailor adverts to get certain outcomes for certain platforms.

We can assist companies with writing adverts for their positions to try and attract the best possible applicants for their roles.

Telephone Interviews

Telephone screening can be time consuming however if you have a list of the best quality candidates from this excersize you can select candidates to progress to a face to face interview with confidence that initial screening has taken place to assess, suitability, motivation, communication skills and more.

We can work with you to develop your key areas to screen and take on the time-consuming part of the process for you so you just get the information at the end itemising the results of the phone screening process which will save you a lot of time and effort.

1 - Way Video Interviews

We have access to advanced video interview software that candidates can do from the comfort of their home or car after hours which is fully customizable.

This process will see your candidates answering questions and their video recorded responses will be sent to you which can help you see how they communicate and handle interview situations.

This can be a very helpful tool to pre-screen candidates and help you see past the resume without investing any time to the process.

2 - Way Video Interviews

Much like the phone interviews we can ourselves do video interviews as opposed to phone interviews.

This allows us to give you a more detailed report on how they present visually, body language, confidence, etc.

Face To Face Interviews

If you want to take it further we can interview your candidates face to face either to provide you information on how they interview or to attend your interviews as part of your panel and provide feedback and contribute to the interview process.

We can do basic interviews or more detailed Behavioural Based Interviews at our premises.

Or we can interview at your premises depending on your desired location if we have adequate resources in the vicinity. For a price to be quoted.

Interview Preparation

If you want to do the interviews yourself and want to follow a consistent process across all of the candidates so that you can make a more balanced decision but want assistance with formulating a basic interview template, we can customize one based on the specific requirements of the role.

Resume Selection & Mailbox

We can advertise on your behalf and collect the resumes and forward the best candidate applications to you after doing a basic assessment of their applications. This can be a time saver if you don’t want to read through resumes or aren’t sure what to be looking for.

We can provide the resumes of the best ones on paper and a list of the others who applied and why they were discounted so you can go back between two lists and select a discounted resume if you disagree with the assessment.

Psychometric Testing

We partner with a highly experienced Organisational Psychologist who have their own software and customisable process for conducting Psychometric Testing.

They can base their test around what you want to look for and then get detailed information, analyse and provide a verbal assessment to you to not only assess the candidate strengths and weaknesses in line with the role and also to provide useful guidance on how to structure their roles and manage them to get the best out of the candidate should you take them on.

Background Checks

We can perform background checks on candidates work rights or Police Clearance checks.

Executive Search

We have highly experienced Executive Search consultants who have done high level executive search assignments within Australia and overseas. They can take on a detailed assignment to target local candidates or candidates abroad for highly specialised roles.

Price to be quoted based on assisgnment.

Powerstaff Consulting is a specialist recruitment company with a comprehensive service offering. We have hundreds of companies who work with our team for all of their recruitment needs across Australia.

Effectively, we partner with our clients to search for, attract, screen and appoint exceptional people for their businesses. We develop and maintain pools of hard to find passive candidates in specialised industry areas with dedicated recruitment consultants who are experienced and can align the needs of all parties for sustained win, win outcomes.

We are dedicated to providing quality customer service and work hard to develop a good reputation through transparency, superior performance and ethical practices.


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